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Nursery Jaws 1-New Style

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New Style Nursery Jaws 1 WIth 3 Rootballs

The New Style Nursery Jaws® 1 is built rugged featuring a fixed pivot point. Built DPM tough, the New Style Nursery Jaws® 1 works equally well for the nurseryman or landscaper. Now you can handle multiple B&B, containers, boxes and boulders. The New Style Nursery Jaws® 1 features extremely durable construction to handle the hard usage that today's business demands.

With the New Style Nursery Jaws 1, you can:

  • Remove trees from mulch
  • Move up to 44" B&B trees
  • Move multiple B&B trees (Up to 3-28" balls with 72" Forks)
  • Move up to 24" boxes or containers
  • Load, unload and double stack
  • Transport and plant nursery stock
  • Move and place boulders
  • Simple to use
  • Carry loads up to 3000 lbs

Video (coming soon)

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"I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Nursery Jaws®. We have found your units to be easy for our crews to learn how to use efficiently, safely and harmlessly to our trees. We have been impressed with the reliability of the Nursery Jaws® 1 throughout the 20 years we have owned them.

We have found that our delivery crew of two can load their deliveries very efficiently and quickly with the Nursery Jaws®. Since we grow no trees but are one of Colorado's largest Horticultural Distribution Centers, we feel that Nursery Jaws® have helped us become extremely efficient in loading and unloading trees.

I would like to thank you for helping our company look more professional and to be more efficient.

Stan Brown Jr, President
Alameda Wholesale Nursery
Englewood, CO


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