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Nursery Jaws Hybrid

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DPM Inc-Nursery Jaws Hybrid Skidloader Attachment

DPM Inc-Nursery Jaws Hybrid Skid Loader Attachment-Greater carrying capacity with lighter weight! One durable and versatile partner for your landscaping or nursery business!

DPM, Inc-Nursery Jaws Hybrid Skidloader Attachment-Handle up to 60" B&B trees, up to 36" boxes, 65 gallon plastic containers, grow bags and boulders up to 3000 pounds!

The Nursery Jaws® Hybrid features a manually adjustable pivot point that allows you to handle a variety of material. The Nursery Jaws® Hybrid incorporates the rugged simplicity of the Nursery Jaws 1 with the increased versatility of the Nursery Jaws 2 into one attachment. This new design combines greater carrying capacity with lighter weight. The Nursery Jaws® Hybrid is one durable and versatile partner for your business.

With the Nursery Jaws® Hybrid, you can:

  • Remove trees from mulch
  • Move up to 60" B&B trees
  • Move up to 36" boxes or container
  • Move up to 65 gallon pots
  • Move growbags
  • Load, unload and double stack
  • Transport and plant nursery stock
  • Move and place boulders
  • Simple to use
  • Carry loads up to 3000 lbs

Video (10 meg 2.02 minutes)

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"The new Nursery Jaws Hybrid has sped up our product handling over our old pallet forks. It has been a good addition to our operation. In fact, we just ordered two more."

Bob Pohlod
Pennhill Farms
Franktown, Colorado and Edinburg, Pennsylvania


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