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DPM, Inc has been manufacturing the Nursery Jaws family of loader attachments for over 25 years. Now you can turn a two or three man job into a one man operation.

DPM offers different models of Nursery Jaws to match up your material handling needs. Moving B&B, containerized or boxed trees or boulders and rocks has never been easier or more efficient when you put the Nursery Jaws to work in your operation. All come with a one year warranty on parts and a 60 day money back guarantee.

"From Large To Small, We Move Them All!"

"If you have to move it, we can build it!"

Check out our complete line of other products to assist you in your everyday operations. Call us if you find yourself needing products such as Dutchman Tree Spades, McMillen Augers, Tracks, U-Blades or TarPullers.

Call our sales staff at 1-800-669-4408 for more information or to get your free CD/VHS showing the Nursery Jaws in action!

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Save time and money by purchasing a set of Nursery Jaws today. Don't forget to check out our other labor saving devices!