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Nursery Jaws Jr

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The Nursery Jaws® JR is built to the exact standards of it's big brothers, but with the smaller landscaper or nursery in mind. It is the perfect match for a small to mid-size loader and makes a one-person operation out of your landscaping jobs. Like all the Nursery Jaws®, the Nursery Jaws® JR tackles all of your material handling needs. B&B, containers, boxes and boulders are all easily handles with the Nursery Jaws® JR.
  • Lightweight for smaller loaders
  • Compact for greater maneuverability and more precise handling of smaller stock.

With the Nursery Jaws Jr, you can handle:

  • 20"-24" boxes
  • B&B trees up to 36"
  • Plastic containers
  • Smaller Rock and Boulders
  • Loads up to 1500lbs
  • Compact for use in tight areas
  • Narrow fork spacing

Video (2.81 meg, 28 second clip)

Printable Brochure-Click Here


"Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the Nursery Jaws® JR we purchased from you recently. For years we loaded small root balls by hand or with a skid loader bucket. Now we can load and haul root balls much quicker and with less labor than before. It definitely makes us money. As a matter of fact, we just purchased a second unit. Thanks again!."

David Aldridge, Owner
Von Ormy Growers, Inc
Von Ormy, TX



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